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About Us

Located in the dynamic Monterey Bay Area, the Marina Technology Cluster grows successful businesses by delivering proven, rigorous, business-development services to talented technology-driven entrepreneurs in collaboration with our world-renowned partners, including science, education, government and research institutions.

The Marina Technology Cluster opened its doors in September, 2001, under the name "Marina Small Business Incubator." In 2003, the City of Marina selected Business Cluster Development (BCD), an internationally recognized leader in business incubation, to manage the incubator, appointing Susan Barich as Executive Director.

Under BCD's leadership, the incubator's name was changed to "Marina Technology Cluster" and the strategic direction of the incubator coalesced. Technology focus areas have been established in marine science, agricultural technology, renewable energy, energy conservation, and information technology.

In 2005, Barich's firm took over management and direction of the incubator. The management team has developed entrepreneurial support and training with assistance from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding from the State of California.

In cooperative-laboratory or "Co-Lab" training and information settings, entrepreneurs, as well as instructors, contribute to problem-solving activities for fellow entrepreneurs, helping one another to develop robust business visions, plans and processes.

Entrepreneurs gather for a CEO forum where they share their stickiest problems and leverage the experience of one another to solve those problems.

MTC TechNet networking and technology events bring the greater business, education and government communities into the incubator to meet entrepreneurs and learn about one another. Here technologists find management teams and managers find ideas and products to bring to market.

Today, the Marina Technology Cluster has served more than 150 companies and graduated five business. Although our resident program is technology focused, our training and mentoring programs assist all types of businesses.

If you are developing technology products of any type in the areas of agriculture, marine science, renewable energy or energy conservation, or information technology, the Marina Technology Cluster can help you turn your potential into profit.

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