Marina Technology Cluster: Grant-Funded Programs

Grant-Funded Programs

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)

The CDBG grant-funded program provides program services and other seminar and training services free of charge to targeted-income-group (TIG) clients. In order to qualify for these State and Federal funds, you must be an individual who owns a micro-enterprise of 5 or fewer people, or who is thinking about starting a business, and you must make 80% or less of the median income for the county in which you reside. Details on income qualification can be found by clicking here: TIG Qualification. More information about the entire qualification process is here.

New Entrepreneur Training

The City of Marina has been awarded grant funding from the State of California's Community Development Block Grant program to provide entrepreneurship training to targeted-income-group individuals who own, are starting or are thinking about starting a micro-enterprise, a business of 5 or fewer individuals. This money funds an interactive, collaborative learning program developed at the incubator to introduce new entrepreneurs to the nuts and bolts of business development. Clients emerge from these seminars with a brief outline of their business plan. New sessions begin approximately once per year at the MTC incubator.

To register for the next session, complete a TIG application and submit it to the MTC office. For information call (831) 582-9718. Income limits can be found by clicking on the TIG Qualifications.

Business Planning Workshops

Extensive and detailed workshops on business-plan development are provided by the incubator, funded by the State of California's Community Development Block Grant program. These workshops, provided by staff consultants to the incubator, contain both classroom and online components. Clients come away from these sessions with a working, draft business plan that contains an understanding of their market, their pro-forma financials and their business team needs.

Grant Application Process

If you have reviewed the requirements for the program and determined that you qualify, fill out the TIG Application and fax (831-582-9546) or bring the required documentation to our offices on Imjin Road. This application is for income qualification for the program, only. In order to qualify for your company to take space in the incubator, you will need to fill out the Prescreening Application as well.

Staff will review your income materials and let you know if any further documentation is necessary. We need to be extremely careful that all applicants for the grant-funded program are thoroughly documented as to income, or we could lose funding for our program.

Admission to the MTC is at the sole and arbitrary recommendation of the Admission Team. Please contact Marina Technology Cluster staff if you have questions or need help in completing the application (email or call 831-582-9718).

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