Marina Technology Cluster: Programs & Services

Programs & Services

At the Marina Technology Cluster we provide a variety of entrepreneurial services to help your business get off the ground and fly. We will meet with you and and together assess where you are in your personal leadership and business development and what you need in order to launch your business, to grow it, and to make it successful. Our tradition of consultative intervention allows us to provide you with the specific resources you need, from capital development to business-plan development to office space.

Two Distinct Programs

The Marina Technology Cluster (MTC) was created to help small businesses through the difficult early stages of business development. MTC provides our client companies and individuals with two distinct entrepreneur assistance programs. One is a grant-funded program from the State of California's Office of Housing and Community Development through their Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding.

The other is funded by the City of Marina, our sponsors, and the entrepreneurs themselves. Both programs provide seminars, workshops and one-on-one consulting. See our calendar for a schedule of upcoming seminars and workshops.

Our client companies reside in office space in the MTC, either cubicle or suite space. They are daily participants in our entrepreneurial community, meeting with staff, advisors and one another to solve problems and share one another's expertise. They share business equipment such as T1 Internet access, fax machine, and copier. MTC staff can receive and sign for packages for them, and they enjoy the benefit of reception by staff, as well. Several conference areas are available to clients, both in the MTC space and the UC MBEST Center Space. Resident clients benefit from proximity to the problem-solving skills of staff and their entrepreneurial community. They are on-site to ask questions as they arise.

One-on-One Consulting

A variety of advisors and staff will assist you in developing your business planning tools. We can help you create your vision, understand your market, articulate your strategy and hone your pro forma financial statements. Staff are on-site daily at the incubator to answer questions that may come up as you move through the process of business development. Other entrepreneurs are also in your immediate community to share their unique business knowledge with you.

Finding Funding

Cash is the life blood of all businesses. If capital development is what you need, we will work with you to help you create a sharp, concise picture of your company and the investment opportunity to the funding community. Working with our staff and advisors, you will create those pro forma financial statements that they all want to see, whether you are seeking debt financing from a bank or equity financing from venture capitalists or angel investors.

Office Space

The Marina Technology Cluster provides a limited amount of start-up space to technology clients, both self-funded and grant-funded. Space is available from single and double cubicles to full suites of 1,150 square feet. Office space includes access to conference rooms, kitchen, reception and a variety of office services and machines. Leases are month-to-month.

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